This is a running list of implemented changes.

DateChange SourceChangeNotes/implementation statusImplementation Date
6/6/2018UI ImplementationAdd Text me featureInitial add was via email using standard email. Needed to change text
6/6/2018UI ImplementationChange Search Anything to just search6/6/2018
6/6/2018UI ImplementationChange tweak to refine6/6/2018
6/6/2018UI ImplementationChange Availability to Show Only6/6/2018
6/6/2018UI ImplementationAdd Subject Browse6/6/2018
6/6/2018UI ImplementationAdd Call Number Browse6/6/2018
6/6/2018UI Implementationchange sort to newest first and oldest first6/6/2018
6/6/2018UI Implementationchange Not Loanable to Library Use Only6/6/2018
6/6/2018UI Implementationchange issn to be issn/isbnWe have a issn and an isbn search is the desire for a combo search?
6/6/2018Central create e-book facetneed to do post go-live
6/6/2018Centralremove EasyBib and refworks6/6/2018
6/6/2018UI Implementationadd series search
6/6/2018UI Implementationadd counts to facetscss class hidden -- however this was actually already done6/7//2018
6/11/2018Peabodyneed to have form for TESTs
6/11/2018Kasia/Yuh-fenissue with vernacular title not showing
6/18/2018Julie/Bill/e-ResourcesBrowzine integration6/22/2018
6/23/2018UI/User inputthe Journal Search box, it says that you can search by Title or ISSN. Actually you can also search by keyword
6/23/2018UI/User inputOn the main page, the option says Journal Title Search. I think that it should just say Journal Search since you can also search by keyword.